Traditionally, organisations have run their voice and data traffic on separate networks. However as business communication requirements develop and grow many organisations are finding it increasingly difficult and time consuming to maintain, upgrade and manage multiple voice and data networks.

On24’s IP Telephony eliminates this problem by enabling the convergence of voice and data networks onto a single, common infrastructure. This creates a more manageable, productive and cost-effective solution to business communications.

IP Telephony brings rewards above and beyond purely cost savings. It also facilitates important organisational changes, drivers and initiatives by enabling emerging technologies.

We operate a carrier-grade, Class-5 soft switch in our own controlled facilities. The soft switch is engineered to provide high availability, security and flexible Quality of Service (QoS). This worldwide renowned product meets the most stringent connectivity needs of emerging carriers, service providers, and business customers.

Our Tier1 carrier agreements allow organisations massive cost savings across all telephony expenses, including Local, National, Mobile and International calling rates.

On24’s access to Broadsoft’s hosted PBX solutions provides Small to Medium Enterprise (SME’s) the ability to outsource voice services. Broadsoft is an application that offers extensive and enhanced calling features for SME’s and alike. This application provides the features and management control of a PBX without the upfront costs and support overhead of a premise-based system.

Our premium PBX solution provides a comprehensive set of communications features including call routing features, incoming/outgoing call treatments, plus the media-based features, such as 3-way Calling, voice messaging, auto attendant and music on hold. These features can be configured and managed through the On24 customer care and client login virtual web interface portal.

Unlike old legacy PABX’s where features are limited to premises-based users, On24’s hosted PBX features are supported across multiple sites. This capability allows users to forward voice mails or transfer calls anywhere in the organisation using private dial plans. Voice messaging also enables a single voice message to reach all users across multiple locations, including international sites.

IP telephone calls bypass much of the more expensive Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) which means lower costs for service providers and huge savings for customers of this service.

Organisations have hesitated in the past to move to VoIP due to the initial investment costs, the perceived technical complexities and a range of other issues. Of course moving away from the good old reliable and stable telephony infrastructure has always been a major hurdle.

Organisations are now realising that VoIP is the future. They are adjusting to the market change and planning to move to a new communications level; consolidation of IT/T infrastructure is the key.