On24 Networks billing is a simple but effective service for a complete outsourced billing solution. Our call rating system is designed to accommodate the unique requirements of today’s Telecommunication billing specifications. Built on a robust and versatile platform, On24 Billing is a full-serviced billing bureau with the flexibility to allow you to meet your customers billing needs.

Hosted Billing Bureau

On24 Networks Australia has built a hosted billing solution to allow resellers and wholesalers the ability to focus on selling their own products and services without the need to purchase, manage and support their own billing service. On a daily basis, On24 Networks will load the Call Detail Records (CDR) onto our billing platform that is produced from various carriers. We will then rate them against their retail rates and produce a customised invoice at the end of the month.

Flexible Rating

On24 Billing provides several unique features to accommodate the Australian billing requirements. We allow your business to focus on core competencies and as a result offer a significant competitive advantage.

On24 Billing can accommodate pricing at a retail or customer level and offers features like call capping, line capping and call discounting for all services. This included call rates and product bundling.

We have the unique feature of being able to provide special rates for customers who make periodic calls to certain destinations. This features allows you to choose when a special rate should apply and for how long.

Custom Billing Cycles

Businesses quite often have different billing cycles or split their business requirements into numerous different cycles. On24 allows a customer to create a series of billing cycles and assign customers to that cycle.  Thus, spread out the billing process relieving IT environmental stress. 

Customised E-Bill in PDF

One of the largest expenses incurred by a business that generates and produces their own bills is the production of a paper version. On24 Networks can offer heavily reduced printing rates on customised invoices. We also offer the preferred and most cost effective way of billing via a PDF electronic copy. Our PDF bill will be emailed directly to the customer and stored electronically on our secure web server for the customer to view on-line.

Business Account Allocations

Our business is to help your business and therefore On24 Networks has introduced a business account allocation model that allows the business customer to allocate call costs by device to a logical accounting group. Once created, each invoice will be broken down and summarised into these logical accounting groups. This will ease the process of allocating in the customers general ledger.

The example below shows a multi-site office with various departments. Each department has one or more profit centers that directly relates back to the businesses accounting system.

Call Centre Reporting

A call centre is always a massive expensive asset. The call centre features and services provided by On24 Networks allows your business the level of detail it needs to view their call centre activity and adjust he processes according to the days activities.

Multi-Dimensional Sales Reporting

On24 Networks has developed a multi-dimensional model that allows your business to drill into their sales to understand more about your customer’s requirements. Using this model you can view sales from many different angles and generate a specific report that you cannot always gain from 2-dimensional reporting tools.

Different businesses have different viewpoints of their customers and requirements. Our solution has been designed to accommodate any unique requirement to satisfy your customers. So tell us how you wish to view your customer’s information and we will build the model to accommodate your needs.