On24 Networks ensures that the initial network assessment and analysis is addressed correctly. A carefully designed network assessment will help determine a number of facts.

On24 Networks analysis & assessment includes:

  • Ensuring that the Local Area Network (LAN) routers and Wide Area Network (WAN) links are ready for the projected VoIP traffic
  • Which links are okay for the immediate term, but will probably need to be increased in capacity before to long as traffic volumes grows
  • links that need improvement or better functionality; such as the implementation of Quality of Service (QoS) rules to ensure that the links are ready to carry voice and signaling traffic on the one line
  •  Which segments and devices need upgrading or replacement

On24 assessment is the first essential step in ascertaining the network’s stability and capability.

It’s far safer and wiser to use our experienced and skilled engineers to conduct a network assessment rather than leap into building a live system before you’re sure the network can handle VoIP.