With the increasing proliferation of broadband services into businesses both here in Australia and abroad, there is an increasing movement towards “converged solutions”. By definition a “converged solution” addresses the integration of two or more technologies, when discussing IP convergence we are looking at utilising public and private networks to carry data, voice and video services.

On24 Networks provides the added benefit and service to organisations of having a complete solution for outsourcing telephony services. On24 Networks allows your business to securely transmit voice, data and video across IP networks.

IP telephone calls bypass much of the more expensive Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) which means lower costs for service providers and huge saving for customers of the service.

Our Tier1 carrier agreements allow organisations massive cost savings across all telephony expenses, including Local, National, Mobile and International calling rates

On24 Networks multi-site secure virtual private network (VPN) provides:

  • Multiple sites have the advantage of being on a fully managed VPN through one central location
  • Free calls between sites
  • Scalable services from 2 users to 1,000+ users
  • High speed data services between sites
  • VPN can be created nationally or internationally

Hosted IP Telephony 

On24 Networks’s IP telephony solution features centralised call control provided by the world’s leading carrier grade IP telephony exchange, Broadsoft. This technology allows the features of a traditional PABX device without the upfront costs or associated maintenance of an “in-house” service.

Some key features include:-


Unified Messaging

Automatic moves and changes

Flexibility of adding and removing services through a client web based portal

Auto Attendant

Multifunctional business phones

Integrated soft phone connected between PC and IP handset

Other additional features include Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way calling and Call Forwarding.

You can even have the option of receiving voice mails via e-mail when on the go. On24 Networks VoIP is an easily movable service. Imagine being able to take your phone number with you to your hotel when you are travelling away from the office (provided you have access to a broadband Internet connection). People would be able to reach you on your normal number and you would be able to avoid astronomical hotel phone charges. With On24 Networks VoIP, this is not only possible but also extremely simple to do.

Many users of this new technology will also find that the customer service provided by On24 Networks is much better than the traditional phone companies. For example, On24 Networks billing issues will be resolved within hours, not days and all your accounts are available online for you to review 24 hours per day.